John Carlo Joyo

Hello, World!

I am John Carlo A. Joyo, currently a third-year student pursuing a degree in Computer Science Major in Software Technology at De La Salle University - Manila. I use this website to showcase and host my projects and test technologies. I am currently working as a Research Assistant for a project under Bioinformatics x Computer Architecture.

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"Makati, Philippines"


["Software Development", "Programming", "Business", "Science", "Cycling", "Triathlon"]


"B.S. in Computer Science Major in Software Technology, De La Salle University - Manila"


["NextJS", "TailwindCSS", "Firebase", "Express.js", "Node.js", "React", "Java", "Python", "JavaScript", "TypeScript", "C", "MongoDB", "MySQL" "RISC-V Assembly", "x86 Assembly"]


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